Monday, October 29, 2007

Found It!

MiaSnow's Zombie Graveyard party featuring Friendly Fire was way cool, lots of wild costumes; my pumpkin-head was just an acknowledgement of the season. We took some group pictures afterwards. I need to track them down, people have told me I'm in some of the published ones. Or at least my big pumpkin-head is.

I worked on my one-arm tattoo some more. The problem I expected didn't occur, but two others did. I fixed one and another popped up. I understand more about what is going on with it now, and for me the challenge is more an intellectual one. Once I understand the theory behind things they tend to lose my interest. I may have one more go at it, but then again it may just join the pile of half-completed projects cluttering up my basement.

Sunday afternoon Friendly Fire was having a gathering in Mack's store, playing cover songs, trying to generate some foot traffic to the place. While there I thanked Case for the Certificate of Attendance he sent me for having made all three Friendly Fire shows the day before; it's displayed proudly in my home. Afterwards I hung around and chatted with Case, Mac, Alter and Sugar. At one point we talked about some of the weekend's football games, so Alter and I put on our team jersies. Mack had expressed a desire in having a Reggie Bush Saint's jersey, and asked me where I bought my Deuce McAlister one. I fibbed a little and said I didn't remember, and ran out and got a Bush jersey for her as soon as the group broke up. It was nice giving something to her after all the things she's given me; shirts, gestures, massive quantities of beer, pumpkin pie, hot cocoa and such (the candy apple I stole for myself).

Sunday evening I went to the Discover Ireland Weekend in Dublin. I really need to keep up with the news more; I didn't know it was missing! The DJ was Jocelyn and Padula was the hostess with the mostess. I chatted with Elwe, Iso and Brooke. I apologized to Elwe for missing her weekly Zurich concert yet again, but she understood. Brooke's expanding her store. She gave me a tray of cocoa and potpourri; it'll go perfect on the new bar I put in my living room. Iso and I chatted on all manner of things. Friendly Fire, Tracy, the Spookster, Smitty, Gussie, Raven, Ivy, DJ John and BEARinthe Morning were all there along with many other regulars, plus the scattering of new people that always wander by. I didn't see Ajay or Alaska, I've been missing them lately, and the only reason I saw Iso was a jump she did while dancing took her flaming red crown over the top of the crowd. I recognized it even under a World Champion Red Sox cap!

There was another party at TNW after Joce shut down, but I was too tired to go. Tuesday night there's a Halloween party there that I need to get ready for. Pumpkin-head has been worn too much, I need to come up with something else. VAT-man? Scary, but hard to dress for. I guess I'll go though my closets and see what I can come up with.

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