Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Wheelies Rolls, and Rocks!

There was a live performer playing at the Rotterdam so I went to see if Alaska was there; nope. DJ Colette has just started spinning Celtic at the Blarney Stone so I went there hoping to find Ajay; nope. I settled onto a stool at the bar to sip a few, listen to the tunes and watch the girls dance.

I chatted with a nice young lady named Leigha for a while. Robt came in for a bit, then went off to get that nut Anutte and they both came back to dance and play kissy-face. Mack stopped by in this superb getup; it was like a Cat-woman costume had been shredded by a disgruntled werewolf and Mack was wearing the tattered remains of it. Ham came by, and rocking DJ Jocelyn also. I stepped away for a second, and when I came back Joce and Mack were gone. I called Mack to apologize for not saying goodbye, and she explained that Joce had rushed her off to a girls night out. Then she asked if I wanted to join them. Well I didn't want to be a third wheel, so I was a little reluctant. Mack was trying to explain something, but we lost our connection; something on my end.

When I got back there were no pending messages from her, so I figured they were off doing their girly thing. Leigha had talked about an 80's bar she liked, so when Colette was done I decided to go check it out. It's called Blackhearts: Crimson and Clover. DJ Kace was there playing Oingo Boingo - Dead Man's Party as I walked in. I like that group and I like that song so I thought: this is a good sign. The people were cool, but I wasn't really dressed for the place; it's probably not a good idea to keep wearing my favorite beach sandals there. I saw some decent engineer boots in a store yesterday; I'll have to go pick them up.

I tipped the DJ and was scanning the crowd when my friend! Jocelyn calls. She said that everyone was at Wheelies dancing and listening to DJ Nattalya and asked if I wanted to join them. This must have been what Mack was trying to explain. I was there instantaneously. Well, as close to instantaneous as you can get without the theoretical physicists becoming too perturbed with you. Don't want that.

I had heard of Wheelies before but for some reason thought it was a dance-floor associated with a Hot-Wheels themed race track. I never got off of the dance floor, but I did notice a stairway leading down, so maybe there's more to the place than just the club. The club rocks. DJ Nattalya was playing nothing but the best for us and the place was packed. Jocelyn, Tracy, Case and Mack, Robt and Anutte, Isobela, the Banger Sisters entourage and many, many others were there. To quote Joce: "this is the who's who of SL."

I hung near Joce and rocked the night away. Friendly Fire and the Bangers kept the group chat rolling. I had a short, deep conversation with Jenda about people's fears, gave Mack some French/Cajun language lessons and chatted with Joce a bit about her web site. Turns out Jocelyn is a writer, too; a new facet to an amazing person. I also had a short chat with Tracy. She seems maybe a little shy. I'm very shy. I'll have to make more of an effort to find things to talk about the next time I see her.

I didn't catch up with my friends Ajay or Alaska like I had hoped. I could of course just call them but if I did they'd be in the middle of something else. I know many of their haunts; I'll find them sooner or later.

Dancing last night at Wheelies was one of the best times I've had in this place. I really owe Jocelyn for inviting me; I guess I'll forgive her for not believing I won that TNW contest a few weeks ago. Mack gets kudos for trying to invite me, too. At one point a guy showed up and most everyone called out hello to him. Instead of replying to each individually he just said "Hello family." I felt that family too. It's nice.

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