Friday, October 12, 2007

Finding The Mist

I knocked together a rough draft of my sauna yesterday. It was easier than I though to get the walls and roof the right sizes and connect them together, but haven't tried to hang the door yet. I was able to get the two levels of seating in it along the back wall, and when I sat on the top level for a test I realized that the thing was pretty huge; I was almost lost in it. May have to re-think turning the whole kitchen into a sauna. In the meantime I created a box to hold the heating element I didn't have and started going through old notebooks because I remember seeing a mention of where to find such a thing. I came across some directions I couldn't recall, with a strange acronym as a mnemonic, and decided to follow them and see where I ended up.

Well it turns out it was a clothing store. A mostly women's clothing store, but they had some things for guys too and I picked up some clearance stuff I might use some day. I stepped out the front door to take a better look around and found myself in a wonderfully quaint village. I took the road to the next building up on the right and stepped into a larger building that had a couple of young ladies chatting in the middle of it and some items for sale along the side wall. I didn't want to disturb the ladies conversation so I just walked over to check out the display cases. They had some nice stuff, but nothing I was immediately interested in, so I was about to leave when one of the ladies said hello to me. Of course I said hello back, then exchanged pleasantries with the other young lady as well.

I explained that I was just looking around and was about to be on my way when one of them called me friend and we started chatting. I talked about finding the mysterious directions to the clothing store and my quest for fire, well OK steam actually. The Lady happened to have a steam engine for heating a hot tub and kindly offered it to me. I haven't looked at it closely yet but should be able to adapt it for my needs. I asked about the village and she explained they were a Medieval-themed area with shops and houses and such - and that she was the Queen. I looked at the signpost of where I was - Kidd Island, and at her name tag - Queen Kidd, and suffered a major D'Oh moment. We had been chatting this whole time and I didn't realize that I had been in the presence of royalty! I probably should have been down on one knee the whole time or something. Thankfully she is a gracious and kind ruler and let me keep my head. I gotta start reading name-tags sooner.

When I stepped outside I saw behind the clothing store this massive castle taking up like half the island, obviously the Queen's home. D'Oh number two. I did a quick tour of the place; most of the shops were occupied which is nice to see, their small 'rental castle' was occupied but a nice seaside chalet was available at a reasonable price. A small schooner was in the harbor past the shops. There was a jousting field near the castle but oddly enough I didn't see a quintain. I bet that would be fun to make. Hmmmm.

Later at home I did some research on "The Mist - Kidd Island," which is the places formal name, I think. Seems that they have activities planned there most days in the Tavern and occasional ballroom dances. They also host weddings and receptions and other events in the castle. I don't explicitly remember seeing a place called "Tavern" there, but as noted above sometimes I'm not the most observant person in the world. I'll bet it's the place I met the Queen; there was stuff for sale along one wall but most of the building seemed empty. Maybe they were there redecorating, or it's all one big dance floor? In any case, I plan to find out. Tonight Jocelyn is DJing at TNW, but weekends are usually slow for me so I'll be heading out there then. It's a kick to be called Sir Tycho!

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