Monday, October 15, 2007

Who Dat?

We Won! 28-17! What an awesome game; we're playing like the Saints of last year. If we can keep it up we still have a chance at the playoffs. Special teams scored a touchdown, the offense had many long, sustained drives and the defense played good enough and closed it for us at the end. Woo Hoo!

I found the Tavern in the Mist on Friday. I realized that I would have enough time to go there for their event and make it to TNW for their's. Mist was having a costume party with a Cowboys and Indians theme, I bought a new Lone Star shirt for it. The people there are very friendly, but they know each other very well and it was kinda hard for me to figure out who was who and what was going on. I just need to keep going back and figure things out. Saturday night was a Superheroes and Villains theme, and I ended up in a three-way tie for first place! As a villain, of course.

The Friday night party at TNW with DJ Jocelyn was a blast as usual. The theme was dress up so I wore my new tux with the red bow tie and vest. Steverino was there and dressed to the hilt as always, tails and a top hat. He had to leave early though, so when we had the voting for the contest at the end of the evening I won! Joce missed the announcement, and after the ladies' winners were announced (another 3-way tie) she asked who won for the guys. Everybody said "Tycho won" but she didn't believe them; she was like "No, really; who won for the guys?" That's another one I owe her.

Jocelyn said she was DJing for Starr's birthday party Saturday afternoon, and I made most of that. It was at a newly-redecorated club that had a good design - round and open with little wasted space. There was also a large dance area outside of the club with some Stonehenge-type stuff around the edge; pretty cool. Saw Joce again on Sunday night as she DJ'd for a Dublin street party.

The street parties had been going on all weekend. It looks like they may be redecorating the Blarney Stone, which is good. The place was a little cramped, as is Fibber's. The good thing is that they're cramped because they're wildly popular. They're victims of their own success. Dublin rocks. So does Joce.

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