Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hot in the Kitchen

I never cook in my kitchen of my rental house. I'm not often at home, and there are so many good places to eat and junk-food vendors and bars with munchies, etc. that there really isn't a need to cook. It bothers me that one-third of my house is essentially wasted space, so I've come up with a typical Tycho cockamamie scheme: I'll wall-in the front of the kitchen and turn the whole room into a sauna!

I've spent part of this morning researching wood. I'll need to create wooden walls, a roof and floor for my sauna. I'm thinking of Mahogany, Butternut or maybe a nice Rosewood. Cocobolo would be ideal, but I'm not sure of it's availability. I see an L-shaped, two-level bench inside. Most of the saunas I've seen around here have single-level benches, and I'm not sure if I'll have room for two, but it'll sure be fun finding out.

I'll make a smoky-glass door with a large window next to it. I'll still need some sort of light fixture inside and of course something for making stream. It would be neat to come up with some sort of variable / High-Medium-Low steam setting; all of the sauna's I've seen have just on or off. Some saunas also have towel racks inside, but I think that's rather silly.

I'll still have some room at the front of the kitchen I could do something with. I'll likely end up putting a couple of potted plants there; this sauna will be taking a good bite out of my budget.

I wonder what the house's owners will think of all this?

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