Saturday, October 27, 2007

I saw a Linden!

Well I've finished my certification exams and volunteer work, at least for a while. I'm looking forward to spending more time checking out all the amazing people and places around here. When I got in and finished reading my mail today I sat down and began to think about where I should start. As often happens Mack and Case came to the rescue - they were about to start playing. They were opening for Dark Aeons at Sublime Goddess. I headed over and the place was packed, with most people in costume. I had on black jeans and an orange-ish shirt, so I didn't stick out too much.

Friendly Fire was their usual excellent selves, and after a few songs I noticed this little robot-guy near the front of the crowd. I checked out his name: Cogsworth Linden! His tagline was Live Music Listener. Mack noticed him too, and pointed him out. There was widespread speculation that he was here to shut down the show at first, but he was really just there to listen to awesome music. The Friendly Fire shall not go out!

Dark Aeons followed Friendly Fire. I listened for a bit but he wasn't my cup of tea, so I went back to the house to re-arrange things. I didn't get much done before getting another notice from Friendly Fire that they were playing for Maximos and Shelby's wedding. I dressed up in my favorite Halloween tux and joined the reception. I was a little worried about being a crasher, but there were so many of us crashers one more didn't matter. Isobella showed up and we danced the Tango for most of the show. DJ Jocelyn was going to follow Friendly Fire at the reception, but both Isobela and I had to go and were heartbroken over missing Joce. I finished my errands and was able to make the end of Joce's show; fantastic as usual. I hadn't realized the subtle differences in DJing at a bar and DJing at a wedding reception. Of course Jocelyn, a professional DJ, does; it was very educational to see how she handled things. There's always something new to learn around here.

There's another Friendly Fire performance later tonight; at MiaSnow's Zombie Graveyard. Three Friendly Fire shows in one day - woo hoo! Should be some pretty wild costumes there. Guess I'll jam a pumpkin on my head and go find out!

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