Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Curses! Foiled Again!

I thought I had a pretty good outfit for the TNW Jungle theme party last night, a tiger-print suit open across the chest, tan cowboy hat and sandals. I even had a whip I could crack to keep the wild animals at bay. In the end I lost to a guy that wore a leafy bikini. It was a good idea a guy wearing a bikini - I wish I'd thought of it. A number of people told me that they thought my costume was better, but C'est la vie. I had a really nice conversation with that Wild Irish Woman Isobela while I was there; we talked about everything from computer problems to catty comments about others at the club. That made the night well worth it.

Earlier I had been working on a tattoo for my left arm. All of the tattoo artists I've talked to around here refuse to put a design on one arm without placing a matching design on the other. Very strange. I've made a successful proof-of-concept, but need to decide on a pattern and try it on to see if it turns out well. I'm tossing around "USMC", an Eagle, Globe and Anchor, or a Bulldog pattern. I'll probably try the letters first since they wold be the easiest. Iso's good with all this artistic-type stuff so she may be able to help me if I get stuck.

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