Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The pause that refreshes

The newly redecorated Blarney Stone is open, and they have a bathroom in it! The old one may have had a bathroom, but I could never find it; in the new place it's in the back on the left. Hopefully the alley behind Fibber's won't stink so badly now.

They've added a second floor to the Blarney Stone so many more people can see the performers. The stage was moved to the right corner. Large speakers are attached high on the walls, and they're large enough that crazed fanatics can perch on them to watch the shows.

The pajama party at Fibber's went well. (Of course it did Tycho, Jocelyn was DJing there!) The ladies all got to show off their fuzzy bunny slippers, and I found a pair of yellow smiley-face boxers to wear. The smile was kind of lopsided, with a tongue hanging out, turning the smile into more of a leer. I loved it!

I thought I had a good costume for the 'Night of the Living Dead' theme party at TNW, but was outclassed by almost everyone there. One guy even had dozens of nails driven into his face. People around here are scary sometimes. I did have a real nice chat with my friend Isobela though, turns out she is Seamstress to the Stars!

I've been shopping around for a hot tub to put on the deck at my place. I've found a good one, but it's not exactly what I want and rather expensive, so I'm holding off for now. I found a place where you could win a free one and was hanging out there when my friend from the old country called. We chatted for a while, and then I won one of the hot tubs so she met me at my place to help install it and then try it out. It's nice, especially for free, but I'm still looking for the perfect one.

While we were soaking I heard that Heath was having another piano concert in Nantucket, so I invited her to go. I just dried off, changed clothes and zipped over there but of course it took her significantly longer; having to decide what to wear, do her hair and whatever. She did make it in time for the start of the concert, so I guess I shouldn't pick on her too much. Heath put on a good, lively performance. Long-time listeners could tell the stress of finishing his thesis was off of his shoulders. My friend really liked it, but had to leave before it was over. She was able to stay long enough to hear my favorite Heath song: Scarborough Fair so jazzed-up you can hardly recognize it. It's nice to take new people to events like this.

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Isobela Capalini said...

some times you want to look just right....