Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pumpkin Pie!

I had wandered by Mack's Gestures yesterday afternoon. Mack was there with a couple of customers, Case showed up then another guy. Most of us were wearing our Friendly Fire t-shirts so Mack insisted on a group photo. Afterwards she served us a delicious Pumpkin Pie that Brooke had baked earlier. There was also Apple Pie and Candy Apples; I grabbed an apple for later.

I stopped by Brooke's store to thank her for the pie, but she wasn't there. I went back to the house to do some odd jobs for a while, then got a notice that Heath was playing in Nantucket. I got dressed up and headed over there. Heath hasn't been around much, he was defending his thesis and it went well. Hopefully he'll be around more now, though with his degree he's looking at getting a real job. He played some songs from his upcoming Christmas album - very nice. I'm sure I'll get it when it comes out.

After the concert I talked with some people about interesting places they had found. I have the directions to a few new surfing, hang-gliding and other places I'll check out later. I stopped by Brooke's again and she was there so I thanked her for the Pumpkin Pie. She asked if I had a Candy Apple also, and I said that even though Mack tried to hide them so she could have them all for herself that yes, I did get one.

All in all a very pleasant day; listening to music, chatting with old friends and meeting new ones.

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