Thursday, September 27, 2007

Keeping Busy

I've been very busy lately. My day job has me in classes for becoming a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). I'm studying at home on my own, too. If I get it I'll be much more marketable. I'll take the test at the end of October so hopefully things might settle down after that. In the meantime I'll be infrequent here, but hopefully not as infrequent as the Saints are in the end-zone.

Those poor Saints. Maybe their strategy is to go for the first pick in the draft next year? After losing our best running back for the year with a knee injury that may be our best hope. The good news is that we won't lose again this weekend; we have a bye.

I've been having lots of fun at FIbber's, and have even gotten into some of the Celtic stuff at the Blarney Stone. It used to be that I could take Celtic only in small doses but I guess I've built up a resistance because I'm liking it more and more. Ajay, Alaska and Isobela are often there. Coleen DJs there Friday afternoons; I had a good time last Friday but was too worn out to go to Fibber's afterwards.

Another day I showed up at Fibber's in a nice vest, dress shirt and pants and tie, and that nut Anutte gives me a hard time all night about looking like a parking-lot attendant. Silly things like that gives Fibber's it's draw for me; the people and the conversation. And the tunes.

I've turned my creative habits towards making ties. I made a green one with the word "Fibbers" in white running down it. I want to tweak the font some, and try to give some type of fabric texture to it. It may very well become the first halfway decent thing I've made. I may want to modify the base texture to give it a pointy-end, too; it's flat now. In making the tie I've also learned how I might be able to adjust some shirt-collars that have never fit well. There's always something new to see, learn or do.

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