Sunday, September 16, 2007

Birthday Party at Fibber's

I spent most of the day yesterday at a Birthday Party for Eria at Fibbers. It was massive. There was a huge birthday cake, the place was packed to the gills and it took teams of DJs to keep the music going. The second DJ and her hostess even brought food for everyone, these awesome burritos that were each about as big as my forearm. Sure tasted good, but had the expected gastro-intestinal consequences. I lit my lighter to try and clear the air a bit, and in hindsight that probably wasn't a good idea. I could have blown Dublin all the way to San Francisco! As it was, these burritos seemed to tend more towards sulpher than methane so I'm still alive to make this post.

For desert we all had birthday cake, and I washed mine down with cold draft beer. Yum! The music and dancing seemed to go on forever; the songs were great and the people even better. Towards the end the crowd started thinning out, and I finally had to leave around dinner-time. I was too exhausted to do anything else that evening.

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