Friday, September 14, 2007

Be Careful What You Search For

I was out looking for a Tampa Bay Buccaneer's shirt. The football wager between Ajay and myself for this weekend has changed to if the Saints win she'll wear a Saint's shirt to Fibber's, and if the Buc's win I'll wear a Saints shirt to Fibber's. Observant readers will note the carefully placed "Tycho-typo" I put in there - I didn't say I would wear a Buc's shirt. Ajay has already agreed to the above verbiage, but will likely protest once she notices. So being the true gentleman that I am I'll wear a Buc's shirt if they win.

Anyway I was looking for a Buc's shirt, just in case. I enjoy logistical challenges, even though some might call it "shopping." The place I bought my Saints jersies didn't have Buc's ones for some strange reason. I went to the online classified ads, did a search for "NFL", and was frankly amazed at the results returned. In the US the acronym NFL has just one common meaning. Since the classified ads are world-wide it would be expected that the term "NFL" might mean different things in different languages and bring back a variety of search results. I certainly did not expect the variety that I received. How "NFL" is related in any way, shape or form to, well, never mind; but you get the picture. I've learned to phrase my searches to carefully target the type of store that I want, not the items. Searching for "Sports clothes" brought me to the store where I eventually found a Buc's shirt.

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