Friday, September 14, 2007

Wings over Fibber's

I stopped by Fibber's a couple of nights ago. We were anticipating the return of a much-loved DJ from a two-week hiatus. Unfortunately she called in and was running late; then called back and said she was running really late. I never did get to see her. She wears fairy wings, so in her honor a couple of the people wore their wings as well. As we were waiting DJ Elwe played some tunes for us until she had to leave. When new people stopped by and asked what was going on, the explanation was that we were "winging it" until the regular DJ arrived. This led to most everybody there donning their wings. I wore my dragonfly wings; their color best matched my Saints jersey. I'm also wearing my Conspirator moustache; I was in disguise!

Last night it was back to Fibber's as usual. I got there a few minutes early as the hostess, Spook, and the DJ, Rose, were still setting up. For the first 5 minutes or so we were about the only ones there, seems others were having some transportation issues getting to Fibber's. There was another guy who was in and out, I think his name was Mad or something? He was chatting with Spook while Rose was trying to get her music stream set up. Rose asked Spook to switch something, but I said Spook was busy flirting. I think the guy may have misunderstood, I
wasn't upset that their chatting was delaying the setup, I was just teasing Spook. I hope Mad's not mad at me. Shortly after a young lady showed up wearing a shirt that said "Flirt with Me". At least I think that's what it said, it was kinda hard to read; that's one young lady that'll never drown! Mad immediately homed-in on her.

I had been shopping earlier and picked up another Saints t-shirt, along with two for the LSU Fighting Tigers: one purple with a gold logo and the other gold with a purple logo. At Fibber's there was a lady dressed all in purple; a nice dress, good for dancing, and I didn't think much of it until the song she requested came on. Apparently she's a fanatic about the color purple; said she has nothing else in her wardrobe. I had never heard her song before, but the chorus was "Everybody wear Purple!" This cry was taken up by most everyone there, so I whipped off the red dress shirt I had been wearing and put on my brand new purple LSU shirt. There was a hectic scrambling about as everyone who had something purple with them put it on while trying to maintain as much modesty as possible. After getting my shirt on I cried out "L S U!" to which Alaska, bless her dear heart, came back with the proper response: "Geaux Tigers!" I gotta start using that phrase more, we're looking real good this year.

I received a nice compliment last night, too:
[19:57] Spook: I was just thinking
[19:58] Tycho: uh oh
[19:58] Rose: whatcha thinking?
[19:58] Spook: If there weren't bugs and lag, what would we talk about?
[19:58] Rose: lolol
[19:58] Rose: how cute Tycho is? :D
[19:58] Tycho: LOL
[19:58] Kya: pans over to Tycho and agrees

Here's me with the ladies:

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