Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Semper Fi!

I'm looking more at making shirts. I had read an article by Natalia Zelmanov asking people to vote for her in the 12Avatar Contest, whatever that is. I would have voted anyway, but since she was donating to Action Against Hunger for every vote she received I made it a priority. On my way there I stopped by her store, which specializes in wonderful hairstyles, and saw she had many helpful hints for people who want to make their own clothing. I copied some of the links for further research and went off to vote. Afterwards I looked at the high-level, getting-started link and this clothes-making thing is becoming clearer.

I've also found a clothing item that I want enough to keep me engaged in following it through. In high school I had a favorite shirt that I wore everywhere, well except to prom; the young lady I asked to accompany me would not agree until I had shown her a tuxedo-rental receipt. Smart girl! The shirt was my Marine shirt. I had joined the Marine's delayed-entry program right after my junior year and went off to boot camp 4 days after graduation. My recruiter gave me the shirt right after joining; it was red with a gold Eagle, Globe and Anchor emblem on the front and the word "Marines" on the back. It's still in the bottom of my shirt drawer somewhere, but repeated washings have shrunk it so much that it doesn't fit any more.

I've looked around and found some good templates for the Eagle, Globe and Anchor emblem. In the process I came across many other insignia that I would like to incorporate into clothing some day; the 1st Marine Division and my regimental and battalion emblems, a POW/MIA flag, the Culpepper Ensign ("Don't Tread On Me") and a funny math problem. I might even do something for SPAWAR, and there was a bulldog that might make a good tattoo. There's just not enough time in the day.

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