Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fibber Magees Nightclub - Dublin

Went to Fibber's again last night, couldn't stay long as I didn't get there until late. DJ Jocelyn was spinning her usual fantastic tunes with Anutte as the hostess. Didn't have the spank-fest we had the night before, but there were a few good smacks. I got Anutte but still owe Joce one, the big chicken. Much of the usual crowd was there. Argus, Arguss, Rosie, Mac and Case were carrying on as usual, but I missed some of my new friends. Anutte said she had seen them at an earlier concert across the street but they had to go to work.

The theme for the music was girl power or female empowerment or some such; essentially song requests should only be for songs with female singers. I hadn't realized this rule before I made my request, luckily Starship had a female singer. When someone requested a song not in this category they were widely chastised by all present. This led to a side discussion. As with most side discussions at Fibber's the tone of the discussion went straight into the gutter. At issue was whether some nominally male bands should actually be considered as being in the girl-power category. Various characteristics were discussed, but no consensus on musical gender identity was reached. I of course kept myself above this base discussion, mostly because I was too busy laughing.

I headed out to the beach to look at the stars for a bit then went to bed.

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