Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"She's new here..."

I've been showing an old friend around for the past two days. Everything here is new and exciting to her. I've helped her building out her wardrobe and with hair advise. It's kinda frustrating sometimes because she'll seemingly at random stop and go into a trance; I'll be like "Hello, are you still in there?" After a minute or two she'll snap out of it and say sorry, she was checking out that thing over there. I'll look where she was looking and see things with a whole new perspective and appreciation. This place continues to amaze me.

After we had browsed some stores and made some purchases for her she wanted to do something fun. Naturally, we headed for Fibber's. Daddie was DJing, Anutte was hostess, and Ajay, Alaska, Case, Mac, Jocelyn, Ivy and many others were keeping the place lively. It took a while to get my friend to dance with us, but after 15 minutes or so she was telling me she had no idea it could be so much fun! Unfortunately she had to leave early, some nonsense about "work". I'm sure she'll be back.

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