Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Club Sappho

I was wandering out and about one day when I got a message from DJ Jocelyn that she was DJing somewhere. Having nothing better to do, I copied the directions and headed there not even looking at the title of the place. Turns out it was Club Sappho, a female-exclusive kinda place. Since they did have entertainment they let in people who were not their usual clientele, like most places do, but it was kinda weird with just 2-3 guys among 20-30 women. I made sure to be on my best behavior!

Joce was spinning tunes at Fibber's the night before. I had tried to pop a tip into her tip jar but missed. The person who got it asked "Did you mean to give this to me"? I explained I was trying to tip the DJ so she laughed, said she did the same thing all of the time and gave my money back to me. I maneuvered through the crowd until I had a better shot at Joce's tip jar and made sure I got it in the second time. Well at Sappho one of the other guys did the same thing with a tip, realized he missed and immediately apologized to the person who wound up with it explaining he was trying to tip the DJ. The person who wound up with it, one of the locals, was obviously psychotic. She ignored his apology and explanation and started jumping all over his case saying things like "Is this all you think I'm worth?" and "It'll cost you a thousand times more than this for Me!" He tried to explain again but then just ignored her as she ranted on for another 5 minutes. Eventually Joce got her tip and the psycho bitch left. The club owner had shown up at some point; hopefully she had words with the psycho bitch and asked her to leave. Just reinforces my belief in all of the wonderful people you meet at Fibber's.

One thing about Sappho's is that it has the very best "Dance" sign in any universe. If you've been to Fibber's you may have noticed their "Dance" sign above the Juke box. Right now I can't recall exactly what Fibber's "Dance" sign looks like, just where it is and that it's a contrasting color from the wall behind it; it's mostly a functional thing. Well the "Dance" sign at Club Sappho is a thing of beauty. Multiple things of beauty as a matter of fact. It occupies a place of honor right next to the dance floor, 15 feet tall and 40 feet wide. I'm at a loss for words to describe how awesome it is. Just go see it.


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