Thursday, November 1, 2007

What a Blast!

After Jocelyn was done at BEAR's place Tracy invited me to go to Schmoface Park in Bruges with her. The usual crowd from the Bushy Beard pub was in the park for a Halloween party. We had a good time dancing and chatting but all too soon she had to leave for work in the Graveyard outside of Christchurch Cathedral in Dublin. I didn't think she should be wandering around a graveyard by herself so I accompanied her there. Tracy was hostess for the DJ that was setting up, so I wandered around the place for a bit while they were busy getting ready for the show.

I usually don't get to Dublin at this time of day, so I didn't recognize many of the people there. With the holiday and so many parties going on at the same time all over the place people's schedules were off; before too long there weren't many living people left in the graveyard. Tracy was naturally upset at this, but I tried to re-assure her and soon enough the place was filling up again. Ham showed up - that helped alot. The gig ended on a high note, and Tracy and her DJ handed things off to the next team. I chatted a bit more with her, then she had to go home to rest; she was exhausted.

I started to head home to get to work on the projects I had planned for the day but got a message from Starr that their new club, Group Therapy, had opened and they were jamming. I stopped at home long enough to change costumes - a bandit - and headed over there. Quite a few of my casual friends were there, and I had a good time chatting with all of them. Isobela showed up too, so I danced near her for a while and chatted. There was a costume contest going on of course, but there were technical difficulties with the voting boards; they had to be reset a number of times. Iso said she would vote for me, and did multiple times, but she must have missed the last reset because when the contest finished it said Votes for Tycho: 0. I plan on teasing Iso at length about not voting for me when she said she would.

Tracy showed up while I was there. She called over and we chatted for a bit but then she had to go do Trick or Treat stuff. I received the expected notice that the party at Wheelies that I hoped to cap my day with would start at 7, but then received another notice that a Friendly Fire concert would be starting at the same time! What a quandary! I decided to compromise and go to see Mack and Case for a bit then head over to Wheelies. I had misplaced the notice about where Friendly Fire was playing, and Iso couldn't find her copy either, but with some help from our friends I eventually made it to the Landing Zone and high-class Rock. Thanks again, Alter!

In hindsight it was silly of me to expect that I could leave in the middle of a Friendly Fire show. They were their excellent selves, and had added a twist by having a costume contest. One look at Alter's costume and I knew I was totally outclassed so I didn't bother joining the contest. Near the end of the show Case opened the boards for voting and had the same troubles they had at the Group Therapy club earlier.

One thing I noticed was that both sets of boards seemed to have trouble when a person of the wrong gender signed up on a board. Not sure if this was the cause or not, but there was one person who kept putting their name on the guy's board who was quite definitely mammalian. She'll never drown! In any case Case got the boards working, Alter won for the guys and there was a tie for the ladies. By now the party at Wheelies was well past it's halfway point, so I said some quick goodbyes and headed over there.

DJ Natallya was rocking the place; Ivy was there and Simon too but just a handful of others. Joce had said she was working a private party, I assume as a DJ; Tracy was still out; I had seen some of the Bangers at Group Therapy and they were probably still there. I really felt for Natallya, it was quite different from the wild crowd that was there Monday night. Perhaps people were a little burnt out; I know I was getting there. I had danced for 2 hours at BEAR's, 2 at Schmoface Park, 2 in the Graveyard, 1 at Group Therapy and 1 at the Landing Zone and my tootsies were tired!

I stayed until the end of DJ Natallya's show; it wouldn't have been right to leave. Ivy won the costume contest there, no voting boards to cause problems we just IM'd our votes to the DJ. Tracy eventually finished her holiday duties and called. We chatted through the end of the show then decided to call it a night; I was exhausted.

My first Halloween here was a blast. It's a good sign when at the end you just fall into bed unconscious, especially when you haven't even been drinking. I think I'd better start resting up now for next year!

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