Tuesday, November 6, 2007

New Surf!

I cruised around town looking for the parts I need to finish my hot water heater. As is usual, I was easily distracted. Next door to one supply company was a decent-sized Men's clothing store, so I went in to check it out. Their costume department first caught my eye so I was browsing around there when Tracy called and wanted me to come over immediately - she had big news to share - she had bought another plot of land!

We went to the new place to check it out; she had already started on customizing it for herself by making a nice tidal pool to catch the edge of the surf. And what a surf it was; I immediately grabbed my board and boogied a couple of waves. We checked out the rest of the place, and talked about her plans for it. She had to run off on an errand, and while she was gone I tried parasailing; she's got some nice thermals there!

While cleaning out her old house in preparation for the move she came across a box of old hot water heater parts that she let me have. They helped alot with what I needed; just a couple of more minor things to do and it'll be finished.

I met up with Tracy again at The Blarney Stone where she was working; when she wasn't busy we danced. The DJ Colette / Soulman show was in full swing; they really are a good team. Not in the same league as the DJ Jocelyn / Tracy dynamic duo, but very good all the same. Ham and Emmie stopped by; I didn't see Emmie come in and she said Hi to me before I could say Hi to her.

While I was there I caught Alaska on the phone! She was working in Belfast setting up some type of audio/visual thing, so we couldn't chat for long, but we made plans to catch each other up on things later. We counted it up and she's been gone a whole week!

Curm showed up just before I left the Blarney. I fiddled around the house some more, ate and then caught a guitarist named Scotty at NP. Tomorrow I'll try and see if I can finish up my project and start some new ones.

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