Saturday, November 10, 2007

Dinosaur Petals

I went to Reds in the early afternoon with DJ Jocelyn, Tracy, Gussie, Raven and many others. Kick off the 80's weekend event! Joce was her usual phenomenal self. I had a bunch of things to do, and I kept telling myself that "I'll leave after this song", but then the next song is even better so I stay. That went on all afternoon.

A live singer followed Joce at Red's; quite a treat, but I went to see DJ Elwe at Shina Market. There was an intimate crowd, we had a good time chatting to the excellent tunes. Otawan stopped by, too. Poor Elwe had an awful case of the flu, sounded terrible. I hope she gets better soon.

I checked the schedule and there's no Friendly Fire gathering this evening! I don't remember giving permission for that! :) I've been putting off getting their album because it seems like they play here 24/7; guess I'll have to go get it now. They deserve a break every once in a while I suppose. Wait a minute, I just had a horrible thought: what if they ever decide to go on vacation some day? What will we do? The World as we know it will end! Yet another item on my list of things to build: a fallout shelter.

I went shopping for a bit, then went home to get ready for the party at TNW. It was a Native American theme, so I wore the same costume that I wore at BEAR's on Halloween day. There seems to be a pattern developing at these Friday night theme parties - the first half-hour is it's just me and a bunch of lovely ladies! Gotta start coming earlier to maximize that! It filled up, and I had a real nice time chatting with Alaska and Isobela. Iso even shared a pic of her soccer team with me!

After we shut down TNW Isobela, Tracy (who both tied for first in the costume contest), Hy, Jocelyn and I went to Club Echo Echo to check it out for the DJ Jocelyn and Tracy show on Sunday night. We sat around chatting for a while, then Joce, Hy and Iso had to leave. Tracy and I went to see the Dinosaur graveyard that Adrian had given me the directions to a few days ago. It was totally awesome. The attention to detail that went into their dioramas was amazing. Behind the dinosaur valley was a series of ice caverns to explore, some had woolly mammoths frozen in the walls! There was a souvenir shop selling clothes that we (Tracy) had to check out too, of course, and we met a friendly bunch of penguins.

It was nice exploring with someone else. Tracy said that she would probably not have gone by herself, while I would have gone but zoomed through it. Flying around constantly yelling "Come here look at this" made us feel like kids again, and waiting for your friend to catch up was not a chore but rather a chance to stop and smell the roses. Except, far as I could tell, them dinosaurs didn't drop no roses.

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