Friday, November 23, 2007

The Glamtastic Duo!

I showed up a little late for the Friendly Fire Thanksgiving Spectacular, the roads were crowded driving home plus it was hard to drag my turkey-stuffed carcass off of the couch in the first place. Willa, Tkid, Moard, Caleb, and DJ John were there along with the usual Club Casa Blanco local crowd including SuzyDuzy! Pr0no was played, and Mack treated us to two songs back-to-back! Jocelyn showed up near the end of the show, still on her avian kick. I wonder if she had turducken for Thanksgiving dinner?

All too soon The Friendly Fire show was over. There was a nice after-gig chat with everyone talking about how stuffed they were. I went back home to have one more look for my old weightlifters belt; the theme party at TNW tomorrow night is 'Workout Wear' and I want to go as a weightlifter.

The weightlifting belt was nowhere to be found, so I went on a shopping expedition. Those are so fun; when you're looking stuff up in a directory it's easy to get distracted and go off finding new and unusual places, and when you get to some place there are often fun and new things to be found around it.

I happened to see Argus and Louisa in one of the workout shops I visited and chatted a bit. It seems they were looking for workout equipment though with the amount of fantastic dancing that they do any additional working out would seem superfluous.

I finally gave up on finding a weightlifters belt and went home to come up with a plan B. Isobela called and we met at the Blarney Stone for a late-night gab session. We were both feeling the effects of all the tryptophane so we didn't talk for too long, but it was very nice all the same.

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