Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hot Sax

Since Isobela and I weren't able to go salsa, tango and what not last night I figured we'd probably give it another try tonight. I was scouting out some dance clubs for later and found a new friend Doobie and met her friend Hothax. It was their first day here. I showed them around a little bit and gave them directions to a few places for newcomers. I bet they'd really like Friendly Fire, who I've been missing alot lately. The next time I'm watching Case and Mack I'll give her a call to see if they're available to come see the show.

It took some time to get Doobie and Hothax over the hump of the learning curve; he was asking some good questions so they'll likely be OK. By then Iso was home and told me she had yet another new dress, so I hurried home to change into my best tux. I was even able to plead and convince my corsage to change colors to go with the tux. We met at the Hot Sax Jazz Club, and I was stunned by Isobela's diaphanous dress. Wow. Good thing I had changed.

The club was a nice place; a couple of adjacent dance floors with tables and couches around the sides some plants for atmosphere and what looked like a buffet off in one corner. I didn't get to sample it, though; too busy dancing. The club had a hostess on duty at the door and even a security guy, though everyone I saw was extremely polite to each other. There were many other people dancing, but also a good number of them just standing around chatting.

Isobela and I danced and chatted for hours it seems. We were easily the best-looking people there, and the best dancers. At least that's what Isobela kept saying. At the end of the evening it was hard to stop; I'd keep saying "After this song I really gotta go" but we'd keep on.

Last weekend Jocelyn had mentioned that she and Padula were having an event at Echo Echo on Wednesday. Something about claws and fangs? I'll try and make that. I hope she's forgiven me for my utterly innocent misunderstanding about Buck Cherry!

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