Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Real Barcelona

Horrid traffic today. Got stuck on the bridge behind an accident for hours. I missed Mack and Case at the Beach Bum! I haven't heard Friendly Fire in days! My world was falling apart around me. The guard rail on the bridge was looking better and better. Then I got a message from Isobela. She wanted to meet me in Barcelona later. She saved my life.

Pam and Bill were scheduled to play at the Cafe in Barcelona. I made sure to leave for there extra-early because of the continuous traffic problems we've been having. I arrived about a half-hour before they were to start and went browsing through some of the shops there. Isobela showed up, so I went to get us some coffee and found a small table near the stage; they didn't have the tea that she had asked for.

I tried on a pair of earrings that they were giving away for free at one of the shops. Isobela said that they looked good, but I think she was just messing with me. I think they were really ladies earrings, since they were big hoops all aglitter and such. Iso likes to mess with me like that.

Pam showed up late, and Bill even later. They set their stuff up fairly quickly and started playing for us. There were just a handful of other people there; traffic was affecting everybody. Pam and Bill were good, but not quite what I remembered. The stress of being late, the traffic and the size of the crowd likely had an effect on them.

After the show we each went our separate ways, Isobela to the newly-redesigned TNW for a bit and I to bed. I'll have a busy day at work tomorrow. My boss has been off on business trips for the past week and a half, and will be out the next two weeks, so tomorrow he'll give me a month's worth of his work to do while he's gone. He's a good guy nonetheless. After tomorrow it will be four glorious days off filled with food, football and fun; and hopefully a little bit of Friendly Fire in there, too.

The Queen of the Mist has been in the hospital for many days, getting better little by little. Our thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery Dea Mama.

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