Saturday, November 10, 2007

Happy Birthday!

I woke up this morning to discover a Christmas tree at the front of our development, towering 6 stories over the place! How Louisa got it up there and decorated it all by herself I'll never know. Plus, as I walked across the bridge it started snowing! The shops in town are starting to put out their holiday decorations. TNW West Residences really is a peaceful refuge, I lobe it.

I went to the Open Latte Coffee shop for some coffee. I forget who told me about the place, but I've walked by a number of times and it seems nice. It's not much more than a coffee pot with tables and chairs nearby, but it always seems to be busy. I've wanted to stop in and meet the people because I figure they must be having some really intriguing conversations to just sit there and chat all day. So I went in, nodded to a few of the regulars, and made my way to the coffee pot. Horror of horrors it was broken! And they only had one! I made a quick call the owner to let her know it was broken then made my way to JCNY - Fashion and Jewelry. They have a small coffee bar just outside the main store with a much nicer machine; you can choose from Latte, Macciato, Mocha, Cappuccino, Espresso and Flat White. No Black, so I guess we won't be seeing Ajay there. I had a Cappuccino this morning.

While listening to DJ Elwe's wonderful performance yesterday someone had commented on her costume saying it would be cool if she could do an optical illusion of her head spinning around. He had a good point, that would really top off her costume, so I sat down to figure out how to do it. Didn't take too long and I had my Head Spin animation complete. It took some hacking of the illusion script to get the head to appear to go all the way around, but I managed. I sent it off to Elwe who got a laugh out of it and said thanks.

Later I went to the DJ Hangout and got Hy on Blues; DJ Hy was playing his Blues music for us. Hy, Tracy, Jocelyn, Natallya, Gussie, Wayne and I were there, and Raven showed up a little later. I just caught the last half-hour of Hy's show, but I can tell he's going to be good. Hy even game me one of his promotional t-shirts. Usually these promo t-shirts are some run-of-the-mill things with logos slapped on them, but Hy's shirts are of an amazingly high quality with stupendous graphics. I've got to find out who his seamstress is!

Friendly Fire played later at Cat’s Club, a new venue for them. A very hot place, it even had lava swirling across the dance floor! The night off last night seemed to do Mack and Case good; they were really working the crowd and having a good time doing it - their mood was infectious. Jocelyn showed up and we rocked to the amazing tunes. Joce was almost dressed in this micro-mini-skirt that came down to her navel, and a psychedelic green and blue halter-top thing. When questioned about her outfit she said she was getting ready for a show later, "it's 60s show, at Group Therapy, doesn't that say it all?" I think she's having second thoughts, though; she may show up wearing long-johns under her skirt. We stayed and and chatted for a bit after the superb show, I showed off my head spin illusion, then we each headed off.

I spent endless hours dealing with fallout from my dingbat sister-in-law, but was able to make it for the end of Group Therapy; another spanking session. I lobe Group Therapy, too. DJ Jocelyn played sixties and came This Close to bringing down the roof. The song list was simply amazing. Sixties music was a little before my time (and way before Joce's, she's only 22), but my sisters are 9 and 10 years older than me and these are the songs of their's that I grew up listening to. Hadn't heard them in years, decades for some. I got a little shook up at a couple of points. Jocelyn bless her dear heart gave me a listing of all the songs she had played so I could look them up later. At the end of the show the place was still packed an rocking so DJ Jocelyn stayed late and spun extra tunes for us. What a gal! She had even resisted the long-johns!

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