Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Fire on the Beach!

A friend had sent a note asking for help in one of the few creative areas I'm good with around here. As I was considering it a notice of the weekly Friendly Fire concert at the Beach Bum popped up so I headed right over.

Looking back on my posts I've realized that I've been doing Case and Mack a disservice. I'll say things like "went to a great Friendly Fire concert then went off and did some other stuff". Half of a sentence just can't describe how good they are and how much I enjoy their shows.

I got there a little early and enjoyed some pre-gig banter with them. When they started up they said they would be doing Two new songs in this show! They started with "Radio Show" and it's enticing string intro. A few songs later Mack sang Catfight. A quick look at their MySpace page will show that Catfight is played six to seven times more than any of the other tunes they have there; Mack really should sing more. Their two new songs were both very good, but I think I liked the second one that they sang a little more. During the show they keep up with all of their crazy gesturing, said Hi to all new arrivals, and a couple of times went around the room saying Hey to everyone that was there. Their shows are really audience-participation events, and they attract the best of audiences.

The Nanogunk entertainment calendar had said that Dj Lovie and Sazzy would be at TNW from 6-8. I like that time slot alot alot better than the usual 8-10 at TNW because 8-10 there is 10-12 where I live, and midnight is kinda late to stay up during the work week for this old man. Time zone issues are one of those things about a establishment with a world-wide clientèle though; I'll just have to deal with it.

I had met Sazzy before, but had never heard DJ Lovie play. Lovie is good; what struck me about her is the way she can gage the mood of the crowd and play songs that fit right in. Sazzy complimented her well and kept things rolling. I had worn a striped shirt that I haven't worn in a while to fit in with the contest theme of Stripes. All too soon it was time for voting, and I ended up winning! Not too many guys were able to stay until the end of the show, so it wasn't like a major victory, but nice all the same.

Topless Tuesday followed, and I stayed for a few minutes of that chatting with some people that had shown up, but then I had to leave. I went back home and was able to figure out the problem my friend was having and talked with them about it. Upon hearing the solution they said "I was just about to try that!" Yeah, right.

Another rejuvenating day here. Went to a great Friendly Fire concert then went off and did some other stuff; heard a real good new-to-me DJ and helped a friend.

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