Monday, November 26, 2007

Party in the Warehouse

When I was at Group Therapy the other day someone had slipped me directions to a place called Koose's Compound. I headed over there and found it was a place that sold these cool chrome motorcycles. I browsed around there for a while, then checked out the clothing store next door. That store had a sprig of Mistletoe hanging in it's entryway and a spot for kissers marked on the floor. I thought that was pretty cool; I'll have to look at Brooke's store for something similar.

Jocelyn called and asked me to come and pose for pictures at this 50's diner. She had invited a crowd and we had all dressed the part pretty much. I enjoyed some free beer as Jocelyn was snapping pics. After that I headed over to Mack's store where she and Tkid were messing around with a DJ booth. I helped them wrestle that around for a bit then had to run some errands.

I caught up with Isobela later as she was considering Salsa dance lessons. They offered thirteen different types of Salsa and we had to try every one of them before she could decide which one she wanted. Some we had to try twice. Another possible career option for me: dance dummy for people considering Salsa lessons.

The place we were in was a warehouse with all sorts of stuff for sale. We had a good time goofing off and exploring all of the things they had there. Around one corner I came across this giant cannon. I naturally climbed inside, lit the fuse, and it shot me clear across the store! Iso saw me fly by and got a great kick out of it. I ended up taking the cannon home with me. I plan to mount it on my roof and use it as express delivery for myself to the TNW club.

They had arm-wrestling tables at the warehouse, too. Silly Isobela challenged me to a contest, and I beat her three times in a row. Duh. Then she saw a mud wrestling pit and wanted to try that out. I beat her four times then decided to let her win one, but there must have been something wrong with the scoring mechanism because it recorded a draw. We cleaned up, looked around in the back room and had a few good laughs, then each headed out.

I was faced with my usual Sunday-night dilemma: Echo, Elwe or Heath? Iso and I had talked about Seeing Friendly Fire and the DJ Jocelyn and Tracy show earlier so I headed to Club Echo Echo. I had to put in appearance at my father-in-law's birthday for some cake and ice cream so I missed Case and Mack, but was able to catch most of DJ Joce. Iso was there so I cut in on the guy she was dancing with and monopolized her dance card for the rest of the evening.

Iso and I spent a good deal of time chatting, she had been away for the holidays, so I didn't catch all of what was going on in the club around us. It seemed like DJ Joce was going on about Buck Cherry stealing the words of her wedding vows and making a song out of them; I'm not sure what that was all about. There were also contests about which historical figures you liked better, such as Kirk or Picard, Data or 7of9 etc.

All too soon Joce and Tracy were done and the place was clearing out. I went home and spent some time unwinding on my hammock, thinking about what a great day I had. Life is large.

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