Sunday, November 25, 2007

Masters of Music Trivia

I stopped by Isobela's Villa this morning, we sat and had a nice chat over coffee. We talked about Christmas trees and decorations for her villa and such. Now that Thanksgiving is over I guess I'll need to start working on my place too. I know I have at least one Christmas decoration stored away somewhere.

I did odd jobs around the house and yard for most of the day. I had planned on going to TNW for the Pinup Girls and GIs contest this evening. After my chores I received notice of Club Therapy having Group Therapy with Music Therapist Jocelyn, how in the world could I have forgotten about that? I decided to stop by there for a bit before heading to TNW.

Club Therapy had the usual 3-1 female to male ratio; Case and Mack, Ajay and Synapse, Brooke and Tracy, Willa, Tkid, Starr, Pru and many others were there. Joce was not only spinning fantastic tunes but had also masterfully arranged them into a music trivia contest. I learned an important lesson: don't get into a music trivia contest with Case and Mack because they will whip you every time. Figuratively, that is.

After a while I headed home to change into my GI can't-see-me-suit and headed over to the TNW Club. SazzyLizzy was DJing with Unca as her hostess. Louisa, Argus and Rosie were there along with many others. Some of the other guys had good WW I and WW II costumes that I hadn't seen before. After a while Tracy and Hy showed up; I hadn't seen Hy in a while so we chatted a bit catching up. DavidMichael and Sazzy ended up winning the costume contest; DavidMichael was a WW I English soldier and Sazzy was Wow!

I stopped back by Isobela's to chat and admire the Christmas trees that she had found. She's still going on about her plumbing problems but I think we have a solution. We made plans to attend the Friendly Fire concert followed by the DJ Jocelyn / Tracy comedy show at Club Echo Echo the next night. What a glorious way to close out a long weekend!

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