Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Blue Echoes

Jocelyn invited me over to see the cool new place she is building. It centers around a walled courtyard with a building along one wall and a lookout tower in the corner. There are small garden plots everywhere; all inside the courtyard, atop the building and even atop the tower. There's a unique round door to get into the building from outside of the walls. Joce is also working on a fishing pier for the place. She's doing all this work herself; it's a nice build but it's hell on the fingernails.

Isobela was having plumbing problems so of course she calls a man. When I get to her place she's left to go club-hopping. I crawled around underground all beneath her house looking for her problem to no avail; whatever she's done she's done good.

I caught up with Iso in the rocky crags of Club Echo Echo where DJ Hy and hostess Tracy were getting ready to wow us with the blues. The first couple of times that I've caught Hy's show there was a respectable crowd but this time he really packed them in. Tracy could be a bit more careful in her choice of apparel, though. She was wearing something that was mostly near skin-tone and stood as far away from the entrance door as possible. When guys first walk in they just catch glimpses of her through he crowd, think she's naked and have near heart-attacks. I know I did!

Isobela and Jocelyn were dancing with each other when I arrived; not wanting to cut in I just danced to the side of them for a while. DJ Hy was having more technical problems but he was able to fix the fairly quickly. Jocelyn had started to DJ for us while we were waiting and she only played one song before Hy was ready again.

When Jocelyn came back to the dance floor I maneuvered around to get in between her and Isobela. We three made an excellent synchronized dancing team for the rest of the night. I wish that Iso would be a bit more careful with her knees, though. Natallya and Rosie were there, along with Farr, Argus, Bella, Tani, curm, Steverino, Mack, Tkid, Jennifer and many, many others. Hy really has this DJ stuff down. I think this was his fourth show, at least it's the fourth that I've seen. Even with the technical issues he's been having he just kept rolling along, playing the blues. Another artist welcomed to our wonderful world.

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