Sunday, November 18, 2007

Rock Therapy

I stopped by the DJ Hangout this morning. DJ Jocelyn was spinning for the usual cast of top-line DJs. I chatted a bit with my friend Hy and some of the other people there. Hy is DJing tomorrow and I've asked Isobela to remind me of where and when; I'm horrible about remembering things like that. Joce kept going on and on about her coffee maker breaking. I didn't see what the big deal was; ya heat up some water, put in some coffee and presto! Just don't drink the bottom third of the cup.

After the show Joce wasn't nearly as busy and we had a chance to chat. She explained some of what all that spanking was the night before; apparently some nefarious villain had launched a targeted attack against her sensibilities! She kept right on soldiering on though, nobody messes with DJ Jocelyn when she's working. Our Joce is tough!

I had wanted to go see Bill and Pam Havercamp at NP this evening, but Joce called and said they were rocking Club Therapy and wow was she right! There was a trivia contest every few songs. I won this awesome black Lamborghini and a small, cute sheep. Tracy won this giant pink penis-shaped hover bike, but she really liked my sheep so we traded. I figure I can always paint it another color. DJ Jocelyn played one western trivia set, the second of which was very hard to guess. Took me a minute, but I was able to figure out it was the theme from Gunsmoke. Being the only one with the correct answer I won a "rubby" point; a vocal back-rub from our favorite "Silken-voiced DJ specializing in classic rock, retro and popular music." WooHoo!

It takes an amazing DJ to pull off Sesame Street followed by Buck Cherry, but if anyone can do it DJ Jocelyn can, and did. It was truly an amazing night. Everyone was gushing with compliments for Joce, Pru and Starr, and rightly so. Afterwards my friend Starr gave me a flyable Giant Q-Tip, pulled out her own and we went racing laps around the outside of the club. I crashed into this tree, had to jump down to the ground then climb back up the tree to retrieve my vehicle. I decided to test-fly my giant pink penis hover bike, then drove my Lamborghini around the Island some. Sorry about crashing into the Tiki bar ya'll, I tried to set it back up the way it was.

Bill and Pam Havercamp do "60's 70's and 80's...Beatles, Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Searchers, Dire Straits and more!". The NP note about them had directions to their new Christmas store. I've been to Bill's music store before; has all sorts of instruments, microphones, speakers and such. I have my eye on this alto sax he has for sale; it would be neat to mess around with. I ought to go back to his store tomorrow and see if he has a schedule posted somewhere; they really are good and I want to see them again. There's something new and good to look forward to each and every beautiful morning.

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