Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Madcow the Magnificent!

So Adrian had called me up one day and asked if I wanted to meet "The best builder in SL, almost unknown. Madcow." Of course I said yes and immediately headed over to Adrian's Builder's Sandbox.

Adrian was there with Madcow and Bam, standing in front of an amazing line of sculptures. Madcow called it the Circle of Life. It started with one tiny, incredibly detailed creature. Behind it were 13 others, each larger than and preparing to eat the one before it. They were all quite unique and never before seen on this planet. They spanned all the colors of the rainbow and well beyond. Some were vaguely amphibian with webbed feet, others were avian, some seemed reptilian and quite a few were completely undefinable. A true xenobiologist's dream!

The whole time we were admiring it visitors stopped by to gawk and stare. When I arrived Madcow seemed to be a short, stout gremlinish crustacean fellow, but he's also a master of disguises. Before my eyes he changed into this monstrous canine with an exoskeleton that towered high over me; he also appeared as a classic ogre, a 60 foot tall molting killer beetle, and was even able to summon a carriage made from the bones of creatures long forgotten.

By far my favorite disguise of his was as a humanoid skeleton with a trick top-hat. On command, the top of the hat opened and a smaller skeleton appeared from the shoulders up wearing a smaller top-hat. The top of that hat opened and an even smaller skeleton appeared wearing a smaller top-hat, etc. Before I knew it there was a chain of increasingly smaller skeletons and top-hats extending up into the trees.

I've been getting bummed lately, and Madcow re-opened my eyes to what a wonderful place we live in. I, we all, owe him. But I never did get a chance to ask him what he was so mad about.

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