Thursday, November 15, 2007

High on Hy

One of my acquisitions yesterday was a nice, 2-person hammock with a sunshade you could put over it. I was busy setting it up on my porch when a visitor stopped by. I said "Hi", she just stood there, I said "How are you?" and she started replying. We chatted for a bit but I had to run a quick errand. I invited her to stay but she was gone when I got back. She seemed very intriguing, like she was from another part of the world and new here; I hope she comes back to chat.

I was able to finish setting up my hammock but didn't get to try on my armor as Friendly Fire was about to start at Club Casa Blanco. Case and Mack played a good mix of their newer music as well as their classic smash hits. Suzyduzy was the hostess, on her birthday! The scheduled person couldn't make it so Suzy came in to work. Case sang her a stirring rendition of Happy Birthday; the whole place was just about in tears.

Willa showed up just after the first song started, looking as sparkling as ever. I taught her the Glam Me a Beer Gesture. She had to leave immediately after the show though. I went home to change and headed off to Hy's DJ Debut at Club Group Therapy. The theme was Black something, so that's what I changed into even though I wasn't going to stay for the whole show. I have an early day at work tomorrow and want to get done there early so I can try and make Torley Linden's office hours in the afternoon, I've been wanting to check them out.

Friendly Fire had run late, generously singing some extra songs for us, so I didn't make it to Therapy until about half-past. Tracy, Starr and many others were there. Even though I was late I was able to grab a dance with the lovely and charming Isobela before some other wolf got to her!

At the club there were technical problems with the speakers or sound boards or something; DJ Hy was turning himself inside out trying to fix things that should have been there for him. We were able to enjoy some of his fantastic music, but the problems were frustrating for all of us. Eventually I had to go but felt bad leaving while they were having issues. I sent Hy a text message explaining that I wasn't leaving because of sound problems but because of early meetings at work. He understood, and also invited me to join his group so that I could get notices of future shows. I'll definitely be back to hear him.

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