Friday, November 2, 2007

Mmmmm! Ribs!

I stopped by the Blarney Stone after work today just as a live performer was finishing. What rotten luck. I chatted with the after-gig crowd for a bit then was heading back outside when Jocelyn called. Observant readers may have noticed that I've mentioned her in this journal a time or two. She had just finished reading and wanted to correct the various appalling inaccuracies this blog contains. No such luck, Joce.

As I'm standing outside the Blarney chatting with her I didn't notice Isobela sneaking up behind me. Iso starts giving me a hard time about being a streetwalker because I've been standing on the corner for so long. She had talked about putting up a waterfall at her place the night before, so after I finished my conversation with Joce I accompanied Iso to some waterfall stores to help her search. Waterfall stores are land-intensive so they're usually located in areas where land is cheap. Not the kind of neighborhoods for delicate young ladies to be wandering around alone.

She showed me the two waterfalls she liked, and they were both good, but the questions was would either fit into her yard? She invited me to her home to check out where she wanted to put it. Her home is an awesome place; multi-level, airy floor plan, beautifully decorated and has the most amazing patio out front where she sips wine every evening as the sun goes down over the water below. She built it all herself; what an amazing lady!

She measured the side-yard area that she wanted to put he waterfall in, and we went back to the stores where I took out my own 10 meter by 10 meter measuring stick and judged that they would fit, barely. As she was making her purchase I receive notice of a Heath concert starting in about 25 minutes at some place called Bedrock that I hadn't heard of before. Iso notices me being quiet as I read the notice and asks if I have a hot party to go to. I explain that a new-age jazz pianist has a performance in a bit. We start to talk about music and both like just about everything, but agree 80's are the best. Seems like most people I talk to say 80's music is the best. (I wonder if they like it because that's what DJ Joce plays the most of?) I ask Isobela if she would like to go hear Heath after getting the waterfall set and she says sure.

We get the waterfall back to Iso's place; boy those things are heavy. She starts to arrange it, and it seems bigger than it was in the store. After knocking out some of her fence line and putting a conversation piece inside her living room wall we finally get the thing set. There's still alot of work to do fixing the fence, landscaping around the pond the waterfall forms and fixing all the ruts in the yard caused by dragging the waterfall's rocks over it; but it is obvious that this waterfall is going to be the cat's meow. Or, in Iso's words, bomb-ass. Another beautiful place to watch sunsets from.

I'm always nervous when I invite someone new to go hear Heath. I'm worried that they'll either be bored or hate him. That never happens, though; they've all found him amazing. It seems Iso did, too; I think she may have bought both his CDs while we were there! He was playing more of his Christmas music; that album still isn't out. He played his signature Snoopy, plus my favorite song of his that he always plays in the middle of his show. As usual when I'm there with a new listener I ask them to identify the song. Iso caught on to it much faster than anyone else ever has; well, except me.

We said goodnight there in Bedrock and each headed home - she to work on her waterfall some more and me to crash. I'm still hurting from my Halloween dance-a-thon. I need to go back to Bedrock later because it seems like a cool place and all I saw of it was the darkened amphitheater that Heath was playing in. Plus, they have the absolute best brontosaurus ribs!

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