Saturday, November 3, 2007

Another Wonderful Day

Yesterday afternoon I stopped by the Blarney Stone to listen to DJ Steve and Ajay was there! I didn't get a chance to actually chat with her, but we did share a few words over the noise of the crowd. She had to leave right after the show so I left too, did some work around the house then headed over to Mack's Gestures for a beer.

Mack's Gestures is a wonderful place to relax and unwind, glam some free beer (or cocoa), snack on some of Brooke's delicious pastries and confections, and listen to the radio or occasional live concert. A very cool place. Oh, and I think they have some gestures for sale there, too.

I stayed there until right before the Friendly Fire show was to start and headed over. Traffic was absolutely atrocious, and I was late getting there. It seemed like many others got stuck in the traffic too because there was a rather limited turnout for the premier rock band of our time. By about half-past the place had filled up, and I get a call from Tracy. She was working at the Blarney Stone and it seemed like she wanted some company. I figured there must be a rowdy crowd there and she needs some extra muscle in case things get out of hand, so I head over.

My presence there quiets things down, so Tracy and I danced and chatted until the end of the DJ Otawan/Soulman show then head back to the Jungle Club where Mack and Case were still playing. After their show I try to get to Mack and apologize for leaving, but things were very chaotic. Tracy and I head over to the Bushy Beard to listen to the DJ there and dance some of their new dances. We talked about the costumes we were going to wear for the Hayride-themed party at TNW later that night and made plans to meet there.

After being late for Friendly Fire I showed up early at TNW. It's just a short walk from my place but others seemed to be stuck in traffic still because it was only rockin DJ Jocelyn, Argus and I there for a while. Louisa showed up, then a couple of other girls, then a few other girls, and I was enjoying being the only male in this crowd of attractive females. Eventually some other guys showed up as the place filled, and then finally Tracy who had been having costume issues.

I gained a new appreciation for the lovely dancers at TNW; they are much more than pretty faces. They keep the group chat lively and make sure that everyone is having a good time. As people come and go the flurry of hellos and goodbyes make it a place you want to come back to.

Tracy had to leave a couple of minutes before voting on the costumes began; and Iso had said she would try and stop by but couldn't make it until the very end. I ended up in a four-way tie for first place for the guys and had a fabulous time teasing both Tracy and Isobela how just one more vote would have made me the big winner!

DJ Jocelyn stayed late spinning tunes for us, so Isobela was able to enjoy part of her great show. After Jocelyn left the radio played, then eventually it turned off so Iso and I decided to take the hint and leave. There were two others still there dancing as we left; not sure how long they stayed. I got home and continued my chat With Tracy. After a bit she invited me to her home so we could chat in person; something I had just been thinking about, too.

Tracy has beautiful beach-front property. We sat in lounge chairs on the beach enjoying the warmth from the fires in a couple of braziers she had set up, the gentle sounds of the surf as it met the shore, and had a nice long chat. It's too easy to consider her blond moments, like if she were to ask if it's too late to vote after the contest winners have been announced. She is a deep and focused person, and I had a wonderful time chatting on her beach with her.

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