Thursday, November 8, 2007

This is Live!?

I finished up my current project and started on a new one - making greeting cards. I danced with Tracy at Morning Coffee at the Blarney Stone with DJ Eagle and hostesses Ginger and Starchild. They put on a good show; not too much coffee was being drunk as everyone was dancing. Later I went to a great Friendly Fire gig then went off and did some other stuff.

Oops, wait a minute, back up one. Mack and Case were playing at the DSL Records Club. It was their first time playing there, my first time visiting too. It is a very interesting place, lots of strobe lights and laser effects and such. The usual Friendly Fire backdrop was off to the side; they played in front of a menagerie of swirling colored spotlights stabbing through a drifting smoke wall. Quite cool. The crowd was fairly quiet at first, but when Mack and Case played my favorite of the songs they debuted at the Beach Bum the day before the crowd really woke up.

There was a new guy there, he's only been around a couple of days and didn't realize we had live music here. He freaked out, but that is understandable; Friendly Fire is a rather overwhelming introduction to the vast array of art available to us. One beautiful lady there named Lela looked like she could be Mack's twin sister, especially when they were standing together after the show. I don't know which one is luckier!

After the show I worked on projects some more then went furniture shopping. I also tried to track Alaska down in Belfast, but no such luck. Looked around a bit for the audio/visual project she had been working on there but couldn't find it either. Later I danced with Tracy again at Fibber's, but just for a short time. I was tired and despite the wonderful company I could barely keep my eyes open. I headed home to rest up for a new and wondrous day tomorrow.


Ajay said...

Dude, I'm working in Dublin tonight and Saturday... just FYI :) And wow, ton of posts for me to catch up on! I've been a total slacker. Have to cut that out. Catch ya in-world :)

Tycho Beresford said...

Missed this before you were on but happened by Fibber's anyway. You Rock girl!