Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Elephantoidea Illusions

There is a foul plot afoot. Those of you who are aware of it, and you know who you are, please - tell no one; especially not a certain author/DJ who shall remain nameless but whose initials are JS.

I didn't get much done today. I spent alot of time turkey hunting an alot of time chatting on the phone. My hunting kept bringing me back by the Lucky Chairs they have near the TNW Mall, plus I would hang out in front of them sometimes while chatting. As you can see, the Lucky Chairs like me!

I started working on a costume for the TNW contest tomorrow night. I threw together a couple of ideas I had and asked Isobela for advice. She had some good suggestions so I've implemented them, or at least I will, soon; my sewing machine was giving me fits last night. I may also need to do some more accessorizing.

While turkey hunting I took a side trip to explore a small cave in the side of our volcano. I found a rock ledge just next to this wall of flowing lava and stashed some emergency supplies there. It will be my hideout in case of giant meteor strikes, nuclear war, or Friendly Fire vacation.

Alaska called and we chatted about birthday parties and kids and puppies and all manner of things. I'm sure glad she's back around. Tracy called too, and we each spoke of our latest adventures. I spoke with Isobela at length on costume creation, shopping tips, escape and evasion, and macro-economics.

I'm generally not that much of a talker, and all the chatting and turkey hunting today wore me out. I knew it was time to go to bed when I thought I saw Louisa riding on a pink elephant through the middle of the TNW Mall!

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