Monday, November 12, 2007

Can I get an Echo Echo?!

I spent most of the morning and afternoon preparing for, attending and cleaning up after my daughter's birthday roller-skating party. 56 million screaming young hellions attended. I would have rather chewed glass, but my daughter sure had a good time. I missed the Saint's shellacking, but I also missed DJ Elwe's show yet again! Good thing I got my fix earlier in the week.

Received a a notice from my landlord today; "Turkey hunting has begun on TNW EAST! 12 turkeys are available to hunt down..they are hidden all over the sim, Each has at LEAST one good prize in it, including gift certificates from mall and shops, gifts from some shops and other good prizes!" I was able to find most of the turkeys and prizes, some hidden very creatively. There were many nice gifts, including a couch. (Please don't ask where in the turkeys these items were placed.)

Friendly Fire rocked the house at a LGBT Awareness event at the Cove on Xenia. As Mack noted it's a lovely "Tropical/psychedelic mix". It seems the regulars at the venue wanted to discuss business and an earlier discussion that they had, which is fine, it's their place; but it did make for a rather unusual Friendly Fire experience. The usual wild gesturing was much subdued, but that let us appreciate the glamtastic music even more. Isobela showed up and joined me on the dance floor, which made it a very pleasant outing. Mack and Case were wearing rainbow-themed clothes, apparently for the event, and I noticed that I had the same shirt that Case was wearing in my pack. I took it out and put it on and we complimented each other on our taste in clothing. After the show we posed together and a fantastic professional photographer took some wonderful pics of us!

All week long I had been looking forward to the debut of the DJ Jocelyn and Tracy show at it's new home, Nightclub Echo Echo - our worlds Premier Rock Club. All of my expectations were exceeded. The club itself, built with love and care by DJ Farr himself, is an excellent place. There's a nice spot for visitors to get their bearings before entering the club itself, there's plenty of room for dancing and even one spot with reverse-gravity for people to dance upside down! Unfortunately this reverse-gravity also kept the ladies skirts down, or up depending on your perspective. I'll need to talk with him about fixing that.

I was blessed to spend most of the evening dancing with the lovely and talented Isobela. Adrian showed up and put out some boxes of free DJ Jocelyn t-shirt for everyone. Friendly Fire was in the house, Hy, Starr and many others too numerous to mention. I had my first sighting of the twins Tani and Emileigh, they are excellent synchronized dancers! It was also DJ John and Jennifer's anniversary, congratulations ya'll! It was a Wonderful Club, Wonderful DJ, Wonderful Hostess, Wonderful crowd and an all-around Wonderful night.

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