Saturday, November 3, 2007

We All Need Therapy

I went to see a new DJ at Fibbers, well new to me anyway; DJ Nomad. Padula was the hostess and Tracy was helping out too. Ajay, Isobela, Jocelyn, Eria and Otawan showed up along with a host of others. DJ Nomad is good; I'm looking forward to listening to him again. After that it was off to Mack and Case's Builder's Jam. Isobela and I had chatted about this a bit, and I was encouraging her to enter the contest it since she did such a good job with her house.

Builder's Jam is yet another way that Friendly Fire is helping to bring creativity and good music to our world. The idea was to give everyone a chance to build some mystery object, and the most creative one would win some cash. We met in Mia Snow's sandbox. I hadn't been planning on building anything, I've done very little building so far. I was just going to enjoy the music and enjoy watching other people work their butts off. At the top of the hour they announced the mystery object: a spaceships. There wasn't anybody standing near me, and somehow my hands sort of just autonomously started building a spaceship in the open space.

It wasn't much, just your basic cylinder on it's side with fins on one end and pointy on the other. I added a chair to the top, a steering wheel, accelerator and brake pedal then textured it up. Case's comment was that you would end up getting space bugs in your teeth. Took about 55 minutes, then I walked around to see what the others were doing. Some of these things were amazing! They were huge and exquisitely detailed. World-class builder Adrian was there and had a very nice entry, made even nicer by the fact that is was compact and not one of the monster dreadnoughts some of the others had pulled out of their packs. Jocelyn did a command deck for a star cruiser, and Isobela made a flying saucer with little green aliens inside.

As we were building Friendly Fire kept us entertained with their music. They forgot the keg though; it was hot out there in the sun! At the end of the hour Case, Mack and Mia went around to judge the craft. When they were looking at mine Mia even jumped into the pilot's seat! Good thing I hadn't left the keys in it; if she'd hit the wrong button who knows where she would have ended up.

The judges did a very thorough job, spending time considering each entry on it's merits. I was feeling a little down while comparing all the other craft to my junk heap. If there's a next time, and I hope there is, maybe they can have fewer, smaller prizes in different categories. That might give a fighting chance to people who don't use tools or textures other than what each newbie is issued on arrival. In any case all is well because my good friend Isobela won!

She didn't think that she deserved to win, but I did; of course I'm biased. In chatting about it afterwards my friend Adrian made a superb comment: "And the right person won." I think it was the little green aliens that did it for her. I hope she let them go afterwards.

I went home to get cleaned up, change clothes and re-hydrate, then headed out to the Bushy Beard pub. DJ Tracy was due to play but there were technical difficulties so we all ended up dancing to the satellite radio instead. After that we headed to Club Group Therapy where they were having a special Spanking Therapy session. DJ Jocelyn even participated! I've been owing her for the longest. Throughout the night she was a prime target for almost everyone there, but I got her first! Vengeance was mine!

The crowd was another one of what DJ Jocelyn referred to as a "who's who." Ajay was even there! It''s been like weeks since I've seen her, and now I see her four times in two days. We had a nice chat as we were spanking each other, and everyone else we could. She hasn't heard from Alaska in a while either; still gotta track that one down.

Club Group Therapy is an awesome place. It's on the beach, has a huge dance floor and a nice spot for DJs and live acts. One one side there's a handful of neat stores (I bought some "Censored" signs:) and on the other is a tiki bar and various chairs, loungers and umbrellas. Now if only they would put out a beer keg and get some of Brooke's famous cooking!

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