Saturday, November 24, 2007

Crash City

Friendly Fire was playing at Breezers today so I headed over there only to find that I couldn't get in - it was smack full! I had to wait until someone else left then scoot in the door. Case and Mack were their usual Glamtastic selves. Ajay, Synapse, Tkid, Mysty, MiaSnow were rocking along with many other lucky souls. DJ Jocelyn wasn't able to make it but not to worry - Ajay sang the duck song for her.

I spent some time later working on my shirt for TNW tonight. Isobela called and helped me out some, I think it will at least be presentable. There seems to have been some sort of horrid virus going around; I kept blacking out all afternoon and into the early evening. All of my friends were complaining of the same thing, especially poor sweet Isobela.

I walked over to The Nude West Club hoping that the walk might make me feel better, and it helped a little. Primo DJ Jocelyn was there, and having virii issues too; but she had the foresight to set her fabulous music up to keep playing for us even if she had to step into the little ladies room for a bit.

We were entertained by Lex, Louisa and the rest of the talented and charming TNW dancers; yes even Lex was dancing for us. Friendly Fire was in the house, Tracy, Payle and Anarya were there, and a turkey was wandering around the dance floor too. Isobela was there briefly but couldn't stay, and my friend Gussie showed up near the end - and danced with the turkey!

I had a number of nice compliments on my workout outfit; Case even said he would pick me first for kickball! That was especially gracious of him as we were running neck-and-neck in the costume contest. I ended up beating him out by a whisker, and Tracy in her pink sports bra won for the ladies.

Since I was still feeling the effects of the virus I went home shortly after the contest. I rested on my hammock for a while and chatted with Isobela some. Jocelyn called to check up on me and say goodnight; she is such a sweetie. I hope we're all feeling better tomorrow so we can have even more fun enjoying our wonderful world.

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