Monday, November 5, 2007

Radio Joce

I stopped in this morning to do some chores drop off a couple of pics that I took of the Builders Jam to Case. I'm getting burnt out on constantly jumping from one club to the next, I'm planning on spending the day in sports then going to TNW this evening. I also want to get a little work done on my hot water heater project, tee hee, so I started that. It gets chilly in the mornings sometimes.

As I was working Louisa stopped by to say hi and to see if I wanted to move to a different house that they had available. We went and checked it out, and it is a little better, but I didn't feel it was worth the pain of moving. It's great when your landlords think of you and try to help you out like that. TNW West Residences is a very fine place to live.

I took a break to watch the Saints win their fourth straight game, totally shellacking the Jaguars. I'm predicting a 12 and 4 season. I was also able to get my hot water heater just about finished. Everything is functional; I just need to find some cosmetic parts. I was trying to decide between surfing or snow skiing when I received an announcement of a swimsuit contest in the Mist.

Now I know I had told myself no club jumping today, but I have a weakness for swimsuit contests. Plus, it had been too long since I'd been to the Mist; they've been very friendly to me and I should do my part to support them. I put on my Hawaiian trunks and some sandals and headed over.

The Tavern in the Mist was the usual lively place I've come to know. I had a good time listening to the DJ, chatting with the group and just enjoying the people. Some of them looked very pleasantly different when you get them out of their chain mail! Near the end of the party I get a call from Joce who has some free time and wanted to show me around her island.

The Sands Subcontinent (aka Joce's Island) is an amazing place, which is fitting. Jocelyn showed me some of the buildings she had made, then we stopped by a fish pond. It has the largest Carp I've ever seen in it. I took out my fishing pole to try to catch dinner, but Joce had walked off to show me Castle Sands so I hurried to catch up. We just looked at the castle from outside; it's still under construction.

The atmosphere on Joce's Island is very relaxing. We sat on some rocks near the edge of her bay and chatted for a while, then went up into the tree house where we said Hi to Adrian, who was working. Then it was off to visit their Roman marketplace and to meet Silver the Unicorn, a most pleasant fellow. We stopped by her duck pond; we didn't have any food for the ducks and boy did they let us know about it! On a side note, I learned something about Jocelyn that I think I should warn you of: she fenced competitive foil in high school, so don't get on her bad side!

The tour was winding down when we both received notice of a Friendly Fire concert starting, so we headed off there. Just after we get there I get a call from Adrian telling me about Madcow, arguably the best builder around, inviting me to come meet him and see some of his work. I'll be writing much more about Madcow later; he deserves his own post.

I made it back to Friendly Fire to hear the last half of their last song, and join in some of the after-gig chat. I had also been chatting with Tracy, and she invited me out to her place to lounge on the beach and enjoy massive quantities of coffee. Hy stopped by too, and Tracy gave him her beach chair and pulled out a very nice lounge chair and ottoman from the house for herself while we all chatted.

She had a fire going in a large, fancy pot to keep the night chill off, and I found out that she had made it herself! Hy has one of her fire pots on the dock at his place too, and has concerns about the burning embers that escape from it. Tracy's didn't have that problem ; I think Hy may be using too much or the wrong kind of fuel.

Tracy brought out a radio and tuned it so that we could listen to the DJ Jocelyn show, coming to us all the way from Fibber's. I would call Joce up occasionally as she was DJing to joke with and heckle her. She's going out of town tomorrow morning on a business trip and hopefully by the time she gets back she will have forgotten about this and not run me through!

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