Thursday, November 22, 2007


At long last I was able to see Mack and Case perform again, they played at the Club of Passions yesterday. It had been far too long since I had heard the enticing opening of Radio Show. Bad things start to happen when one doesn't get one's Recommended Daily Allowance of Friendly Fire!

I knew it was going to be a good day when Ajay showed up. Case and Mack sang an new song that they had premiered the night before about a bikini bar. I think it was called "Heir to the G", it was so good I could barely hear the words over the crowd's screams of ecstasy. They sang the Pr0n song too, and Jocelyn sang her duck song for us. Case called all of us in the audience his precious snowflakes. I think he meant to include Mack in that, too. They finished with Case doing an awesome guitar solo at the end!

I chilled around the house for a while then headed off to Fibber's where DJ Bill was being ably assisted by his charming hostess Ajay. I don't recall seeing Bill before; he is very good. Unfortunately, he said that he won't be back until after the new year. Spook, Cher, Taliesin, and a bunch more were there; Friendly Fire showed up along with Tkid, Otawan and many

Went to NP to listen to Coda play the sax for an hour. Met an old friend there; had a real good time. Coda was very good; I'm starting to get the impression that everyone sounds better at NP; must be something with the environmental acoustics.

I made it back to Fibber's where DJ Bill and Ajay were still busy rocking the house. Tracy, Brooke, curm, Imaginer and Roger T had made it there while I was gone. curm does an excellent job of keeping everyone entertained; they need to pay him more. I danced with KCEE for a while; what a charming young lady!

I'm getting worried about Tracy, she was at it again with the smacking herself in the forehead. It was rather late when that started, though; DJ Bill and Ajay stayed on for 4 whole hours! Afterwards Ajay and I chatted for a bit and we agreed that this was one of the best days we'd each had in a long time. I was exhausted and went home to bed with a smile on my face and
vision of fried turkeys dancing in my head.


Ajay said...

Woot! Dude, Wednesday night rocked. Totally. Glad you were there :)

Tycho Beresford said...

You and Bill made it happen Ajay; that was awesome.