Friday, November 9, 2007

The 3rd Jar

Guess where I went last night? Friendly Fire was playing Club Casa Blanco, seems that's going to be a regular gig for them on Thursday nights. BEAR was there and talked about featuring Mack and Case on BEARintheMorning on Friday. I need to look up his stream to see if I can get it at work. I've tried Fibber's stream before and it can't get through our firewalls, but maybe BEAR's can.

There was an emergency closure of the club right in the middle of the show, not sure what it was, but we all came back as soon as it opened up and Friendly Fire finished their show for us even though it meant staying significantly longer than they had planned. What troopers!

Jocelyn came back from her business trip, called and came right over to Casa Blanco when I told her who was playing. Apparently she's forgiven me for heckling her last weekend, I did not get run through. We chatted a little but she had lots of other calls to make and we were busy jamming. After Mack and Case were done she was heading over to TNW to see DJ Lovie. From the advertisements that looked like it was going to be an amazing show, and I really wanted to go, but it was starting too late. A very hard decision to make. Hopefully Lovie'll be on again next week. I'll try and catch up with Jocelyn more tomorrow.

I had a long, serious discussion about sports art with Isobela. I've never really thought about it that way; I mean like Sports Illustrated always has cool covers, but I haven't thought of them as being art. Now I do. The human form in competition is a most fitting subject for artistic expression.

I went to Fibbers to catch a couple of songs before calling it a night. DJ Daddie was there and that nut Anutte was hostess. As I was tipping them I noticed a 3rd tip jar; it was labeled Ajay! Ajay is a hostess in training! She'll be there Saturday, also. I tipped her too of course and gave her a small gift to help celebrate her new job. She couldn't open it right away as she was working, and I had to leave shortly after. I sure hope she likes it.

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