Monday, November 19, 2007

A Smacking Good Time

I went back to Bill Havercamp's Guitar Palace in Sunset Beach this morning. A poster on the wall in the entryway advertised that Bill and Pam perform live every Tuesday at The Cafe in Barcelona, 7-8 pm SLT. I went to check out the Cafe, it's a real nice place. Fresh coffee and doughnuts were laid out for people to snack on, a very nice touch.

The Cafe looks like a place where the Salsa is popular; probably ought to get semi-dressed up for it. I wandered around Barcelona Plaza Real a bit after checking out the Cafe; the Plaza is a very interesting place. There's a number of shops, nice public areas, some beaches and a large column with a statue of Christopher Columbus on top of it.

I made it to Ligeia's Zurich City Emporium to enjoy DJ Elwe playing there for the first time in what seems like ages. Amazing eclectic music as usual, and the usual intimate crowd. A guy named Wolf was there, and a lady named LittleWolf showed up. Wolf was looking away when she came in so when we all said "Hi LittleWolf" Wolf misunderstood and thought we had all decided to dis him. As soon as she started talking he realized what had happened and laughed. Ligeia's even gives away a bottomless cup of coffee! I've been looking for something like that for the longest!

I left Ligeia's to head to Wheelies to hear Hy on Blues. I arrived a little early, Natallya was helping Hy get set up and soon we were jamming. Tracy was there, plus Rosie and Simon, a few others and a cousin of Hy's named any1. Isobela showed up after she got done with her errands and we had a great time dancing to the tunes. Farr showed up bringing Argus and Gussie with him, and we all enjoyed the Blues.

Iso couldn't stay too long, the dear was donating her time and talent to a builder's event. Just as she was leaving Jocelyn showed up and started dancing too. A quick spin on the heel and I go from dancing with Isobela to dancing with Jocelyn. How lucky can a guy get?

Afterwards I relaxed at home for a while. I saw that my neighbors were setting up their Christmas decorations already, and then Louisa and Lex came by setting up Christmas trees all over the place! I have some decorations for my place too, but I think I'll wait until at least after Thanksgiving to put them out.

I was in a real quandary about how to spend my evening; DJ Elwe was spinning at Fibber's, Heath was playing a benefit concert at Club Neptune, and DJ Jocelyn and Tracy were at Club Echo Echo. A couple of friends called asking me to go to Echo Echo so I decided on that. DJ Sazzy was just finishing up as I arrived, many of her fans stayed around for the Jocelyn and Tracy show and kept the place jumping.

As expected, the Who's Who of that world came to hear Joce. Rosie, Farr, Argus and Gussie had made it over from Club Wheelies; Friendly Fire was in the house; Hy, Natallya, DJ John and Jennifer and many others. Isobela honored me with a spot dancing next to her. A few brand-new people showed up, too. Often times they find this crowd overwhelming and head out to gentler digs, but one young lady stuck it out. I think her name was Mandi, we'll probably be seeing more of her.

There was some more spanking going on, but oddly enough Joce stayed out of it this time. Maybe she was still bruised from Friday night. Generally people target spanks at the rear-ends of members of the opposite sex, but in fits of blondness Tracy kept smacking her own forehead. Some people just don't get it. At least she has employment now; hopefully that will help to keep her out of the slammer.

DJ Jocelyn's time warp was in effect; time seems to just fly by whenever she's playing. As the show was winding down I received notice of a Pajama Party at TNW later. It would be going on too late for me to make the show and then go to work in the morning, so I had to give it a pass. After the show I went home, did a little bit of reading in the hammock on my patio then went to bed. Another busy, happy day.

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