Thursday, November 15, 2007

Half Re-plugged

I went shopping today, wasn't looking for anything in particular but I found some good deals. I bought a set of Marine Space Armor, among other things. It's quite a complicated piece of equipment; I knew I wouldn't have time to try it on then get it back into it's case before it was time to get to the Friendly Fire half-plugged concert at 5. I had missed Mack and Case yesterday and wanted to make sure I caught this performance. The armor’s still in it's case for later, plugged into the wall charging it's batteries up.

When I arrived at Mack's Gestures at about a quarter-til Alter and Tkid were there, but no one else. No Case or Mack! I started to get worried; it wasn't like them to be late for a gig. They eventually showed; apparently there had been a time change to 6 and the Friendly Fire corporate web operations manager had neglected to have their MySpace page updated appropriately. I was just glad they were OK and would be playing.

Case had asked for requests earlier in the week and I had provided a short list. Two of them were played, which is pretty cool. MiaSnow was there, along with Alter, Sugar, Moard, Tracy and Isobela (who were lucky enough to both dance with me at the same time!), Willa, Tkid, Gavin, takashi, Misprint and many fortunate others. Mack and Case singing tunes, a keg of beer to share, good friends, enough space to dance; life don't get no better than this.

When you're at a Friendly Fire concert time seems to fly by so fast. You're always looking forward to something; what song is coming up next or what will they say on the next break? Before I knew it we were having an after-gig chat.

Later I accompanied Isobela to Fibber's where we jammed to DJ Cher and the incomparable Hostess Ajay. As far as I know it was Ajay first time hostessing by herself and she was excellent. Anybody who has spent as much time at Fibber's as most of us have could likely step into that job and make a reputable showing, but Ajay was picture perfect with nary a drop of sweat crossing her brow. Cher was doing a great job too, very fast with requests. I had requested a song please from her and she came right back with "It's coming up next!"

I couldn't stay long as I was tired from staying up late last night; made a little over half of the show and said my goodnights. It was good to spend some time back at Fibber's; I was tweaking my profile the other day and noticed that oh so many moons ago I had called it "My home away from home." I haven't been there much lately, but the place still just feels, right.

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Ajay said...

Awwww... TYVM, Tycho! And I know what you mean about Fibbers and it being a home-away-from home.

Okay, so I work there and stuff... I might be the tiniest bit biased ;)