Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Cops and Jailbirds

The theme for this week's TNW Topless Tuesday was Best in Cops and Jailbirds. I modified my Jailbird shirt per Isobela's suggestion and spent some time on making a cap for my costume. I just couldn't get the cap to fit right until, in desperation, I shaved my head; then it fit fine. The baldness made me look even more like a poor, downtrodden, oppressed prisoner. Hopefully my hair will grow back by tomorrow morning.

I met Isobela there and we caught the end of SazzyLizzy's event. Iso was dressed as a cop which was only fitting for such a pure, shining upholder of truth and justice. It's a good thing that more police officers don't dress as she was, though; if they did we would be overrun with criminals clamoring to be arrested and searched!

The cops outnumbered the jailbirds by far; street cops, motorcycle cops, a detective and a SWAT member. The detective must have come from a very rough area as he was wearing dual-shoulder holsters. The pigs even pulled a squad car into the club and some of them were dancing on top of it!

Prisoner Tracy had a giant iron ball chained to her ankle to keep her from escaping. It was fairly dangerous; she was flinging that thing all over the dance floor! Some of the jailbirds must be multiple repeat offenders as they had personalized uniforms; I was just "Property of SLPD". Amazingly enough my jailers were able to spell the three-syllable "Property" correctly!

Almost everyone there was in costume, which was fun; and all of the costumes were good. Hy ended up wining the contest for the guys, and Gussie for the gals. I missed Friendly Fire's weekly gig at the Beach Bum today, but they'll play again tomorrow. One good day follows another.

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