Friday, April 18, 2008

I wandered around a bit and found a cool new laptop from Circuit City! When I got it home there were problems, though; not sure if I'll take it back and tell them about it or just junk it. They had some decent clothes too, oddly enough. I hit up Sun Microsystems as scored a bunch of cool stuff, lots of hardware but no E25Ks like I was looking for.

Friendly Fire played this afternoon in Dublin at the new Fibbers! All of the old friends that I saw there seem to be working there now. Mack and case played "We're Gonna Do It Again!" for the first time in Dublin,ad to great acclaim. They also sang a cover of Let It Be! Awesome! Great guitar work. They pick the best songs to do covers of!

The evil Tracy was there, acting as if nothing happened. On my daily rounds today I had checked and the names tags were still off of Case and my chairs in the Glamshack. Perhaps I should get her something to her chair, like a giant bear trap?

After the Dublin show I headed right over to Club Casa Blanco. The evil Tracy had the audacity to follow me over there even! Friendly Fire was playing again, all different songs from what they just played at Fibbers except for the usual signature opener and closer. Case sang a cover of Tainted Lobe cover along with providing guitar lessons! The crowd here was rowdier, the energy level was contagious. It was a really great show!

Afterwards Isobela and I went horseback riding. We first went to a place called Rav's Renegades, an awesome place. There were a number of private residences but we respected the homes and gawked at the scenery. Next we went to a large, island, I forget the name, and rode our horses across many fine beaches.

I'm really glad that we bought our horses. Glam and Swag are such good friends, and is so relaxing to take them out and explore our wonderful world with them. This Saturday at 11am a group is getting together to go horseback riding in Menglin; I hope we can make it.


Case said...

I am going to get to the bottom of the chair problems (by which I mean, I will have Mack do it). They still seem to work the right way, but I want the names back :)

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