Friday, May 23, 2008

OK, ya'll Gotta see this place!

I've been working on waterfalls on and off with Isobela. Today was no exception. I had put a builder's platform high above our skybox and did all of my messy building up there. I finished up one design I had been working on; I'll have to go back in a few days and see what I think about it.

I had also made a new tip jar. My Big Red 'T' seemed to work OK in Nightclub Echo Echo, but in the GlamShack there was already alot of red and some people had mentioned that they had trouble finding it.

I decided to use the mortar round that I had built many moons ago as a model. My tip jar is much larger than a normal mortar round, about chest high. As a safety feature, instead of throwing out shrapnel when triggered it throws out posters.

There's the possibility that some people might get nervous hanging around a chunk of explosives that large. I plan to allay their fears by telling them that as long as they keep tipping the thing will not explode! Of course, I might be joking.

I finally was able to track Isobela down and accompanied her to the Garden of NPRIL Delights. I'm pretty sure she liked it. Some of her comments were, and I quote, "WOW holy cow", "this is so very cool", "OK I have to talk now, this is entirely too cool", "so much work went in to this", "this is amazing", "THIS IS AWESOME", "THIS IS AWESOME" and "I LOVE IT". I concurred.

The Garden is divided into four main sections geographically. We were able to explore most of one section, about 20% of the total, in a little over an hour. It's the type of thing you could keep going back to and seeing things that you missed before.

Some of the exhibits had secret passages that took you to other areas where their main exhibits were. The first one of these that we noticed was called Other Worlds. It consisted of 4 different areas of amazing scenery that you could explore: Chaos

Heaven on Fire,

Hell On Ice and

Particle Dreams.

Later we saw some Rat people,

climbed this huge Clockwork tower,

and goofed off at some krewe's exhibit.

We didn't try to explore the whole place in one shot because we were exhausted after the trek up that Clocktower, plus trying to see all of that place in one session could easily lead to sensory overload. Another good reason was that Nick99 was playing at the Lost Grotto!

Nick's partner Hotlegs was up on stage with him playing guitar as well. They both had these special guitars that had small flames coming out of the top end. They could also do trick with these guitars, like bouncing them off of the ground and catching them in mid-strum, twirling them behind their back and over their shoulders, etc. You'd think with a flaming guitar they would be wearing some type of protective clothing, but not these two brave souls!

After the show it was back to the property to do some more terraforming. Isobela had decided that "I want that island moved over there; no, a little to the left; OK there - perfect!" Moving the island had given her the room to expand Elfie Island, where she wanted a better spot for the dance pavilion. Of course I had to hold the dance pavilion up in the air while she made these changes, but in the end I think it will be a much nicer place. Life is good.

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