Saturday, May 24, 2008

Happy Birthday MadCow!

DJ Isobela was spinning at the GlamShack at 4, her normal Friday gig. Friendly Fire followed her, but started a little late due to another gig of theirs at Fire and Ice Gardens. DJ Isobela was really in a groove; for a good portion of her show there was a 6-1 male to female ratio with Isobela being the only female!

We received some very good news at the beginning of the show, Megan's brother is coming home from Iraq today! Woot! DJ Isobela led us in a toast to teh people involved. I appended to God and St. George.

When Friendly Fire started they were taking requests for the song they would sing as a train wreck. There were many suggestions, and Case started playing a number of them, I'm not sure which one they decided on.

They played I Love This Song to great acclaim; everyone in the place was going on about how much they loved it. When it came time for the Glam Me A Beer song I discovered that Mack didn't have her poofer out! I looked ALL over, multiple times; I just couldn't find it!

DJ Hy followed Friendly Fire. His usual hostess was unable to make it, so Isobela sent out the group notices for him and everyone else pitched in greeting any newcomers. We thoroughly enjoyed about half of the show, then had to leave because we had been invited to a birthday party!

Madcow's birthday, to be precise. The party was held at Harbinger's Haven Builder's Sandbox with DJ Jocelyn playing the best classic rock. There was a timed building contest, too; but Isobela and I had arrived too late to enter. Congratulations to Christopher for his awesome trebuchet!

We had a thoroughly enjoyable time. The Journey Island events for the night had been postponed so that Farr, Argus, Gussie, Rosie and the rest of their rowdy crowd could attend the birthday party. Judristen was there too! I hadn't seen him in a coon's age!

MadCow himself was quite a gas, he changed clothes more often that Tracy! And not just clothes, but his whole body. Way cool. When I wished him a Happy Birthday he replied with "Tanks". Deja Vu!

When we stopped back home after MadCow's birthday bash there were all sorts of fireworks going off to the west; I'm not sure what that was all about. We headed over to Animania where we bought some fish to stock the lagoon with. Some of them seem to have wandered off, along with our seahorse; I'll to try and track them down tomorrow.

Hy stopped by and we talked about the plans for the Glamshack and it's open-air theater. We decided the project was far enough along that the place really needed it's own name, and Hy came up with the perfect one: the Glamnation Open Aire Theatre, aka GOAT.

Later Isobela decided that some of our fish needed names. Our shark is Fred and our seahorse is Bob. Hmm, is a seahorse a fish or a mammal? I'll have to ask him when I find him. We moonbathed on a raft amidst all our new friends. Life is good.

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