Saturday, May 3, 2008

Rock and Rocks!

While I was at the Red Rock Amphitheater the other night I had found two of the coolest rocks. Isobela was making fun of me for playing with them, but she doesn't understand. We don't have rocks in southern Louisiana, they all sunk into the swamp eons ago. I didn't get to play with rocks as a child, I was deprived; but I'm making up for it now!

Friday night at the Glamshack was a very special occasion, the Feast Day of St. Mack! After she was elevated to Sainthood last night in honor of putting up with one Case Munro for so many years, Isobela and Ajay decided that she needed a day in her honor; we decided on Fridays.

There is another new feature for every Friday night, the Friday Night Train Wreck. They will sing a song they've never sung before. This time I think the name of the song was Little Willie. It was very entertaining, but I did notice two people who entered the Shack during that song turned around and left kinda quickly.

Case announced that Isobela was taking over Wednesday night DJ duties with myself as host. merry will be hosting at the Shack as well. They played I Love This Song of course, and Vent stopped by during the last song then hung around for DJ Hy.

Isobela and I weren't able to stay for DJ Hy; though with his hostess running late we were able to send out group notices for him. Bogarts has moved! My Blue Heaven was crowded, but The Savoy's Gazebo was the perfect place to trade home-made bread recipes. She had better Sourdough but I had the best French.

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