Saturday, May 17, 2008

DJ Jocelyn will Rock your World²

A mated pair of black swans has taken up residence in our lagoon! Maybe someday soon we'll be seeing a bunch of little swannies swimming around in there, too. Come to think of it, some little duckies might be cool in Isobela's pond, you know, the one I accidentally filled in? With the patience of a saint she dug it out again uttering nary a word of complaint!

I spent alot of time working around the house. I have the stairs structurally sound now; just need Isobela to put the finishing beautifying touches on it. I also cleared out a couple of good dance areas, and finished setting up my computer system.

There was nothing happening at the Lost Grotto or Gallery Orinoco so I headed over to Buffy's Cove. Mary999 was just leaving as I got there, so I had some of the lobster they had boiling and swam around some. I made it all the way over to Broken Heart Atoll and explored around there for a bit. Sneaking and peeking in the jungle again was fun.

I talked some with mine friend Kate, Megan's little sister. Seems she a shoe-a-holic like someone else I know, so I pointed out a bunch of good places to get shoes and other stuff around here.

I had some errands to run later, but was able to make the last half of the DJ Jocelyn and Jenda show at the Glamshack. The theme was one-hit wonders, and Jocelyn had lined up an excellent playlist for us, as usual!

Speaking of the Glamshack, the powers that be have lifted the gag order so that I may share some big news about it: the Shack is moving! It will occupy the entire southern half of the Bowie Glamtastic recreational area. Tentative plans are for a larger club plus an outdoor music pavilion.

It's in a fairly nice neighborhood. To the south is Moxie Island with fantastic shopping and a cool coffee house, and just west of there is the Savoy. To the north of the new Glamshack things get kinda questionable; might as well post a sign saying "Here Be Dragons!" I shan't comment about conditions to the west.

I had a really good time at the Glamshack listening to DJ Jocelyn. The music was fantastic and the people were chatting their hilarious heads off, with Mack and Case leading the pack. There was something missing, though. Something very important. Tomorrow can't come soon enough.

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