Thursday, May 8, 2008

DJ Isobela Rocks My World

I visited Twisted Toys this morning, it is quite an amazing place. Here's some good advice: go there with a close friend. They have these regular, everyday objects that morph into, um, other things. I was very impressed with their dining suite!

Later I listened to HarleyKillerNL with Isobela. Also there were RJ, to whom congratulations are in order, and Toma. Harley played mostly metal, none too too heavy, and was a nice change of pace.

Isobala worked on organizing a fan club for her DJ self; I am it's President and First Officer! Of course we had to go take pictures to put on the fan club page, which means we had to play dress-up first; and I'm frankly amazed we didn't have to go shopping as well!

Later we worked on indoor waterfalls in the draft house. Isobela has a neat one going as a room divider next to the circular ramp / stairwell that she made. I was going for pure decorative and came up with a way to mix two waterfall streams with two different flow rates; it turned out well.

I had to leave for a while, but was able to make the last part of DJ Isobela's debut at the Glamshack. A truly horrible set of circumstances prevented me from being there for the whole thing. When I got there Missy said that "Iso has been cracking us up", and after a few in-between set monologues I had to agree.

It seemed like DJ Bill may have done the first half of he show, and then turned it over to DJ Isobela. DJ Isobela was just fantastic. She played great music and had a wonderful feel for the audience. She was originally supposed to just fill in for DJ Bill on Wednesday nights for a few weeks, but before the night was out she was being courted by a couple of big-name club owners to do other work as well.

Tracy and Hy started to get on my case about not having a fan club for DJ Isobela organized yet; before the words were out of their mouths they had invitations in their hands. Soon everyone wanted in. At the end of the night there was nothing but Fantabulous Rockers in the Glamshack, and I was proud to be in that number.

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The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said...

Good Grief.... actually you should of been there for Curm's man giggles. There is no explanation that can do it justice.